Exhibitors are literary agencies or publishers selling translation rights. They send us their rights guides for an upcoming bookfair; we turn them into a dynamic catalog, one right at a time.

Every exhibitor gets one individual catalog page for each bookfair to share with their customers. 

All titles are also included in the complete catalog.

Exhibitors can receive submission requests from visitors and can respond via Rightsdesk.

We encourage all editors to register with Rightsdesk for free so that our exhibitors can follow up more easily and provide additional information and reading material.

Visitors are acquisition editors looking for books to acquire, translate and publish. They can send submission requests to exhibitors on this platform.

We invite all members of the public to take a look but only professionals to interact with the exhibitors.

Rightsdesk powers Digital-Bookfair. 

Rightsdesk is the fast way for exhibitors to follow up on submission requests from editors online

  • share catalog page
  • track submissions
  • filesharing
  • messaging
  • follow-ups


Exhibitors use Easy Submit to follow up editors who are not yet Rightsdesk members.

We encourage and invite all editors to join Rightsdesk at no cost.